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Converting Rubric Scores to Scaled Scores for the Writing and Speaking Sections of the TOEFL iBT Test
Writing Rubric                                 Speaking Rubric
5.00   30                                             4.00    30
4.75   29                                             3.83    29
4.50   28                                             3.66    28
4.25   27                                             3.50    27
4.00   25                                             3.33    26
3.75   24                                             3.16    24
3.50   22                                             3.00    23
3.25   21                                              2.83    22
3.00   20                                             2.66    20
2.75   18                                              2.50    19
2.50   17                                              2.33    18
2.25   15                                              2.16    17
2.00   14                                              2.00    15


    1. Hi Howard,
      I just got my test score, it is a 111. I am happy with my score, and want to thank you, especially for your wonderful website with all the great links.
      Thank you
      Guy Nadler

    2. I just wanted to let you know that I got a score of 108 on the toefl!
      Reading- 26
      Listening- 29
      Thank you for all your help and support!!!

    3. Hi
      This morning I landed at the airport
      I was at a conference in the U.S.
      I got 91in the exam:
      Reading: 23
      Writing: 21
      Speech: 23
      I have to get to 93 overall score
      And speech 24


    4. Dear Howard,

      Thanks a lot for your help.
      Im happy...


      Request additional score reports

      Test Test Date Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
      TELXML December 3, 2010 21 26 23 21 91

    5. hello Howard how are you it is arkadi from last toefl course in haifa i got my score it is 87 thank you very much you are a great teacher and the course was really fun best regards and good luck

    6. Hi Howard!
      thanks for everything, now I dont have to do this test ever again.

      my score is 106

      reading- 29

      listening- 28

      speaking- 27

      writing- 22


    7. הווארד תודה רבה על הטיפים והתרגולים הרבים שנתת היתי צריך 80 וקיבלתי 90 :)

    8. hi Howard
      I just wanted to thank you for all you have done.
      I needed a score of 100 for nursing school
      I got 112 !!!! I'm so happy !!
      Thank you very much
      Reading 28
      Listening 30
      Speaking 26
      Writing 28

      Gill Katzevman

    9. Hello Howard,

      TOEFL scores are as followed:
      Total - 95 points
      Reading & Listening - 22 points each
      Speaking - 26 Points
      Writing - 25 Points

      Overall I felt really good on the exam. Once you understand the technique it works like chram.

      Again, thank you so much for your assistance. I will contact you in the future for recommendation purposes.

      Yehudah Katz

    10. Hi Howard,

      Thank you for the grate course. I got the mark I need: 108 (reading and listening = 30, speaking and writing= 24)

      My speaking was terrible! I don't know how did I get 24....
      On the other hand, I think my essays are very good... and I got only 24.

      Indeed, the room in Ramat-Gan is very small, and one needs to be very concentrated to do the speaking part.

      Thanks again,

    11. Hey Howard
      I want to thank you for the wonderful course and to inform you that I got 108 on the test. I am very pleased and hope it would help me to be accepted to a good university.
      thank you for your help!


    12. Hi Howard,

      got my TOEFL score... I think I'm a little disappointed, needed 100 and got 98.. don't know if this 2 points really matter.

      I got: 30 on the listening, 23 on the reading, 25 on the writing and 20 on the speaking

      So. just wanted to thank you for you're course,, It really helped me a lot!

      Haim Assor

    13. Hi Howard,

      I just got my TOEFL scores. I got 106. That's OK right?

      Thanks for everything,

      Dani- T11

    14. הי הווארד,
      הגיעו היום התוצאות של המבחן
      קיבלתי 93
      תודה רבה על כל העזרה התמיכה וההכנה!
      זה עזר לי ולמד אותי המון


    15. Hey Howard,

      I wanted to let you know that I got 107 in the TOEFL exam.
      Thank you very much for all the help and assistance in the preparations for the exam, and especially with the speaking section.


    16. Hey there Howard,

      I'd like to thank you for this amazing site you put together; it really helped me to prepare for the test! I got a 112 score and i'm so thrilled! That's way over the 80 I needed :)

      Total score- 112
      Reading- 29
      Listening- 29
      Speaking- 26
      Writing- 28

      Thanks a lot,

    17. Hi Howard
      just got the score
      total 106
      speaking 28
      listening 28
      reading 28
      writing 22

      thanks a lot for your help
      thanks a lot

    18. Hello Howard

      To start with I want to thank you again for all your help during the course!
      I received my TOEFL scores today, and I got much more than I expected.
      The top score that I aimed at was 107 for application to London School of Economics and Politics, and I got just that - 107 on my TOEFL test.
      Reading - 27
      Listening - 28
      Speaking - 28
      Writing - 24

      Thank you for your time and effort

      Alex Stotland

    19. אני רוצה להודות לך מכל הלב על כל הדרך שעשית אתי, על ההשקעה, האכפתיות, היחס החם ועל זה שקיבלת אותי ברמה של אולי 55 ולא הרפת עד שהגעתי ל 93 (הציון שאני צריכה) אני מודה לך שוב ומאחלת לכל תלמיד מורה כמוך


    20. הי הווארד,
      רציתי להודות לך על השיעורים המעולים שנתת לי, קיבלתי את הציון שהייתי צריכה והכל בזכותך!
      הגעתי אליך אחרי
      שעשיתי את המבחן פעמיים וכבר היית מיואשת ואתה כמובן עודדת אותי וגרמת לי להאמין שאני אצליח.
      היית מאוד מקצועי, שיפרת לי את הכתיבה בצורה מדהימה, החומר שנתת לי היה מקיף ותאם את רמת הבחינה, ההסברים שלך היו מעולים, הכנת אותי בצורה טובה להתמודדות עם
      לחץ של זמן והכי חשוב תמיד היית זמין לכל שאלה.
      תודה על הכל!

    21. Hello Howard,
      Thank you very much for your help!
      We both got over 100 Thanks to your work with us. The advices and tips from an experienced teacher do make the difference!


    22. הווארד שלום.

      קיבלתי היום את הציון של ה toefl והוא מספק מבחינתי.
      הציון הכללי הוא 106
      בקריאה 29
      האזנה 30
      דיבור 24
      כתיבה 23
      הדרישות של אוניברסיטת טורונטו ל fellowship קליני הן ציון כללי מינימלי של 94 וציון מינימלי של 24 בחלק של הדיבור, כך שמבחינתי הציון טוב.

      תודה רבה ולהתראות,

    23. Howard, Thank you!!!
      Just got 110!!! Way more than I need!
      Thanks for the lessons and the engouragment!

    24. Nice and cool post about TOEFL Speaking Part 2 it will help the students

      GRE classes atlanta | TOEFL exam prep for international students

    25. Howard, you're the greatest teacher I've ever had, not only did you prepare me for the TOEFL test to get the score I needed to be accepted for my studies in the US, but also you inspired me to follow my dreams and not be afraid to trust myself.
      I will always be grateful to you and remember you.
      Israel 2015

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